Our Founder

Founder-Crystal Grant, MSN, CRNA, APRN
Our Mission Statement- Superscript wellness is a health and wellness company that believes all transformation starts from within. Created by an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree from Rutgers University, Crystal Grant, believes all healing begins from within. Superscripts mission and values are to provide quality and affordable products to those who need it most. Health and wellness for all is the motto Superscript lives by. 

Why she started this business? In early 2021, Crystal Grant, woke up on the New Year with Covid. Crystal was able to use her nursing knowledge and science background to help manage her care at home. Once she recovered completely from Covid, she decided to work on products that could also help others. She went to work and collaborated with a manufacturer to develop the Supa splendid, Immune support gummy. Selling out quickly after the initial launch, she knew she had something others could use and love. From there the glow up multivitamin, supa cool kids multivitamin, and magnificent mane were added to the product list.