3 key ingredients your supplements should have

Not all supplements are created equal. You need to pay attention to the ingredients in the ones you take. These are 3 key ingredients your supplements should have.


3 key ingredients your supplements should have

If you want a supplement that supports immune health and protects you against respiratory infections, then you need to pay attention to the ingredients. Here are the 3 key ingredients your supplements should have, why they are essential, and how they
can protect your body’s immune response. The antimicrobial effects of Vitamin C is an essential part of our daily supplementary requirements. Our bodies can no longer
naturally synthesize vitamin C, and so we need a little help – supplements. Now, while this study concluded that vitamin C supplements did not prevent persons from catching
a cold, what it did conclude is significant. They conducted a study of 11,000 persons who took 1,000-2,000 mg of vitamins per day. The results showed that all participants – adults and children – experienced a reduction in the duration of colds. The time you spend sick lessens due to taking the supplement.
According to another 2019 study on the effects of vitamin C, the results showed that:

1. Vitamin C is “essential for a normal and well-functional host defense mechanism” (that is, your immune system)

2. The “pharmacological application of vitamin C is believed to enhance immune function” – meaning vitamin C supplements can boost your immune system. The critical role of Zinc for immune function Our bodies do not naturally produce zinc. But as a nutrient, zinc plays several important roles in the overall health of our bodies. So, we need to get it from other sources. You can do so through the foods we eat and high-quality supplements.

Zinc is an abundant trace mineral in the body. It is necessary for over 300 enzymes that support
digestion, metabolism, and a host of other processes.
It helps with your immune function, healing wounds, and growth and development. It is also
important in cell growth, skin health, and critical for the “development and function of your immune
cells”. A study on the impact of zinc and the common cold showed that taking zinc supplements could reduce the duration of a cold by up to 33%. So, given the critical role this mineral plays in the body, it’s essential that you have a diet that
supports an adequate intake of zinc. Many cereals are fortified with zinc. You can also get it from poultry, chickpeas, and some nuts. And of course, you can get it in a supplement.
The antioxidant effects of Elderberry is considered one of the most versatile fruits and is recommended as a supplement for a
variety of ailments. The elderberry is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can boost your immune system and
help prevent or ease flu symptoms. It is also high in dietary fiber that can help with constipation. While more research is needed into the effects of elderberry, the current research is very promising for its positive health effects. One review of the properties of the elderberry concluded that it could
“effectively treat upper respiratory symptoms,” and be a safer alternative to antibiotic misuse. So, now that you understand the importance of these 3 ingredients – elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc for supporting the body’s immune response, it’s time to get yours. You can order your supplement with elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc (in gummy form) here.