Founder’s Story

Through their individual journeys, Crystal and Kyeesha developed a passion for holistic health and wellness. That passion has led them to create this space, SuperScript Wellness, dedicated to empowering everyone to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

About the Founders

Your health is our #1 priority.

Crystal Grant and Kyeesha Clayborne are healthcare professionals and long-time friends who decided to join forces in making the world a healthier place. As women, they know all too well the pressures that women face every day, sacrificing their own physical, mental, and spiritual health to take care of everyone else around them.

For years, both Crystal and Kyeesha endured their own battles with illness, pain, and medication. Eventually, they each experienced a breakthrough and committed to prioritizing their health. It was healing that strengthened their bond as the two reconnected and began sharing methods and supplements, bringing a new wave of balance and alignment to their lives. They knew that the information needed to be shared with others.


“I call it a spiritual awakening journey. I was sick for many years, overweight and in a lot of pain. Even though I made changes and lost nearly 70 lbs., the emotional weight kept me down. I became depressed and began overeating. Once I decided to take control of my life, I had to do the inner work to really be healthy. Today, I practice daily meditation, yoga, and exercise to stay balanced.”

– Crystal Grant, MSN, CRNA, APRN



“Holistic healing and meditation changed my life. I have been through so much, from enduring childhood sexual abuse to going through a divorce to attempting suicide, just to name a few. For me, psychotherapy and medication seemed like the right solution, but they only brought on deeper struggles. Once I finally grasped the importance of healing myself from within, I was able to adopt healthier practices and find inner peace.”

– Kyeesha Clayborne, Masters Level Clinician